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Unique Window Systems is proud to fabricate the innovative WarmCore aluminium window and folding sliding door system, incorporating a radically different product design approach to deliver a new high performance fenestration framing solution: ‘warm aluminium’.

Designed from scratch starting with a clean sheet of paper, every single component has been concept sketched, detail designed, prototyped, tooled, trial installed and rigorously tested by Synseal’s unrivalled R&D team.

WarmCore is a high quality aluminium folding sliding door solution with peerless thermal performance that ensures end-user comfort, all year round.


At the heart of WarmCore products is a thermal core which significantly outperforms the polyamide thermal breaks commonly used to reduce the threat of cold bridging on aluminium windows and doors.

The result is an innovative ‘warm aluminium’ frame construction, carefully dimensioned to provide an optimised 70mm front-to-back overall sash depth, while ensuring market-leading thermal performance thanks to the multi-chambered insulating core.

WarmCore has been designed from the ground up to offer market-leading thermal performance, and comfortably meets the requirements of Building Regulations across the whole of the UK. Traditional aluminium windows and doors can force you to choose aluminium aesthetics and finish over thermal performance. WarmCore gives you both, with its innovative full width thermal core.

This unique composite construction creates the most thermally efficient window in its class. This design philosophy has produced a window and folding sliding door system that has exceptional thermal performance, helping keep fuel bills lower and heat in your home, while retaining the sleek and architectural look of aluminium.


Whether you are tucked up inside watching TV with your WarmCore windows or folding sliding doors protecting you from the elements, or have them wide open on a beautiful hot Summer’s day, you can be assured your high performance aluminium windows will look pristine.

With crisp, modern lines, this system created windows and bi-folds with a refined and understated beauty.  We know that modern living is about creating spaces that work for you and your family and that adapt to the needs of the moment. WarmCore windows and bi-folds offer a flexibility that helps your home become a space that works for you. This system helps integrate outside living space with interiors, enhancing both. Truly transformative, these windows and doors will help breathe life and light into your home.