Sunil Patel – Joint Managing Director

“We attract and develop talented individuals at all levels, from trainees to experienced professionals, who join us to develop their careers in a dynamic, growing business. Our talented and hardworking staff here at Unique Window Systems are at the very core of our continued success.”

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Accounts assistant

What is your role at Unique?
I work as an Accounts Assistant specialising as a Trade Credit Controller.

What attracted you to join the team?
While I highly valued my time at my previous employment, I felt within myself I wanted to give myself the opportunity to enhance my career. What attracted me to join Unique Windows Systems was it is a well-established and growing company which was a great opportunity for me to progress my career. I have since vastly developed my skills and learnt a great deal, not only within my role but the industry that UWS operates within.

What’s it like working for Unique?
It’s a fast-paced working environment with tight deadlines which I thoroughly enjoy as it pushes me to strive for the best results, I’m in a great team with various experience so we all learn off each other as well as having great leadership from management. The work / social life balance is great, our team regularly goes out for team-bonding events whether its bowling or a nice dinner. Working for Unique is like one big family. Ultimately, I feel respected and valued for what I can bring to the company.

Aluminium Fabricator

What is your role at Unique?

I am an Aluminium Fabricator specialising in Patio Doors, Windows, Residential and Commercial Doors.

What attracted you to join the team?

I joined UWS in 2015 and started in the uPVC Department fabricating Tilt & Turn windows, at the time I was taught by a senior, experienced fabricator. I was then asked to transfer my current skill set and develop new ones working in the Aluminium Department. I have since learnt a whole different aspect of the fenestration industry and the various products that Unique have to offer.

What’s it like working for Unique?

Working for Unique is great. I have received a lot of training in my role which has allowed me to develop my ability in manufacturing various window and door products. Unique have supported me 100% with any career targets. I am extremely happy to be part of the growing team, it gives me great job satisfaction when I see Unique nominated for awards and when the Marketing team post photos of completed jobs we’ve worked on.

Customer Care Coordinator

What is your role at Unique?

I started my new role as the Customer Care Coordinator in May 2021. I am responsible for handling customer complaints and building strategies for improving overall customer experience. The main goal here is an effective and successful complaint resolution. It is imperative to be positive in this approach to maintain an optimistic attitude towards every issue.

What attracted you to join the team?

I would say the company’s overall reputation drew me in. One of the important aspects for me was to work for a well-established, fast-growing businesses, which gives a lot of opportunities to develop my career further. Unique Window Systems has been recognised for Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain and belongs to fastest growing and most dynamic businesses across UK.

What’s it like working for Unique?

I’ve always aimed of being in a place that continually demands excellence while still allowing a healthy and positive work environment. I am lucky to work with great people, who are experts in the industry, and everyone is friendly and approachable which is what creates a good team spirit.


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