The uPVC bi-fold market is a rapidly growing sector as more homeowners move towards open plan living that seamlessly connects outdoor and indoor spaces.

Our advanced uPVC bi-fold system provides the slimmest of sight lines for panoramic doors up to six metres in width.

uPVC bi-fold doors offer a head turning statement that enables you to differentiate your product portfolio at an affordable price.

Discover how our uPVC bi-fold doors can open up even more possibilities for your business.

We’ve also incorporated a new trim to hide the seals between the door leaves. This adds to the whole aesthetic look and feel of your new doors, as you won’t see a line of black seal between the doors when they’re closed. To complete the clean, simple lines of your new doors, we also give you the option of a flush-fitting low threshold below the doors.

We’ve made our new door range easy to install thanks to a slim-stepped outer frame which contains all the door hardware inside the frame. There’s no need to cut plaster or make alterations in your home to make sure the doors fit. The benefit to you is minimal disruption and mess in your home when they’re installed.

The hardware itself is bespoke and British-designed and assembled, available in Black, White, Satin Silver, Silver Grey and Champagne finishes, all with a five-year guarantee.

Each uPVC bi-fold door has a built-in four-rail aluminium roller track so that it glides open or closed smoothly and effortlessly. The unique D-shaped interior handle allows the doors to fold back flatter. So when they’re open they look much neater and won’t distract from the beautiful view of your patio or garden. Plus, the D-handle has an intelligent anti-mishandling feature which stops your floor from being scraped by the shoot bolts, plus it protects the bolts from being damaged and needing replacement – the main cause of repairs on folding sliding doors.

We know that the security of your home is vitally important, that’s why we have built our doors with enhanced security features, which has earned the system the comprehensive PAS 23/24 security certification.

We’ve also included stainless steel anti-jemmy pins in our door design. This means that the door can’t be removed from the outside by intruders trying to get into your home. These pins are enclosed in the roller track for maximum security.

In addition to our standard threshold, we offer various options for those requiring a flusher-fitting low-threshold, to best suit your needs.

For external doors, we offer three low-threshold options, including a Part M compliance double ramp threshold that allows easy pushchair and disabled access, as set out by the Building Regulations.

If you want a low-threshold for an internal bi-fold door, then we have a flush-fitting threshold that allows seamless integration of two rooms.

Aspect bi-fold doors come in a wide range of colours and finishes. With this choice of contemporary colours and styles, you can create a look that is perfect for your home. Whether you want to match your existing décor, or make a bold contrast, our bi-fold doors are a stylish way to bring indoor and outdoor living together.

Technical Information

  • Door openings can be up to six metres wide, with up to seven door panels. The unique roller assembly means doors can be configured to meet customer preferences, including the popular 4/2/2 configuration as well as simple 2/2/0 arrangements to replace existing patio doors
  • A patented trim conceals unsightly black gaskets between door leaves, creating a clean, attractive finish
  • Doors require no dummy mullion – a patented feature – creating an uncluttered door finish with equal sight lines to rival any bi-fold door on the market
  • Doors can be fitted with midrails and letter plates for front entrances, and can even incorporate opening sashes within the door
  • Attractive, unobtrusive D-handle fits flat to the door frame, enabling opened door leaves to sit neatly side by side – maximising the size of the door opening
  • Compatible with Eurocell Eurologik window and conservatory systems
  • Enclosed four-rail aluminium roller track provides smooth-opening, easy-glide door operation
  • Unique Eurocell D-handle engages top and bottom shoot bolts, and is specially engineered to prevent bolts being engaged when the doors are open. Damaged shoot bolts are the primary cause of rectification for bi-fold doors, resulting from doors being closed with shoot bolts already engaged
  • In-built rollers for a minimised threshold height as standard
  • Flush fitting internal room dividing threshold available
  • Part-M threshold double ramp available
  • Unobtrusive, finger-operated shoot bolt for traffic door leaves – designed for easy operation to engage both top and bottom shoot bolts
  • Angled threshold drip trim contoured to expel water and maintain excellent weather tightness (can also be reversed to act as a head drip trim)
  • Magnetic door stops keep doors neatly folded back
  • Top rollers feature integral anti-jemmy pins, so that doors cannot be removed by force from the outside
  • All sashes are steel reinforced for superior strength and rigidity

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