Tufacade: Unique’s very own curtain walling system

//Tufacade: Unique’s very own curtain walling system
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Tufacade: Unique’s very own curtain walling system

Innovative and high-performance designs will undoubtedly determine the future of construction. This is why Unique has produced its own curtain walling system – Tufacade.

Our curtain walling system offers the customer the invaluable flexibility to create high-performing and, most importantly, extremely functional low rise facades that are visually eye-catching and impressive, both internally and externally.

The system that Tufacade uses is thermally broken; a vital feature as the colder months arrive and can incorporate fixed lights, opening vents and a full range of doors. Furthermore, low rise curtain walling can be faceted, curved or angled and provide large expanses of uninterrupted glazing that create simple yet dramatic building envelopes. The versatility and functionality of Tufacade combines with an aesthetic look to provide an outstanding product.

The design of our Tufacade system includes features such as:

  • Glass loads of up to 400kg
  • Can be faceted, curved or angled
  • Fully integrated vent options including POV, TBT, Top Hung, Side Hung, Fixed Light
  • Available in single or dual colour option, polyester power coating and anodised finishes
  • Glazing and infill range from 6mm to 50mm
  • Wide range of face caps
  • Large range of box sizes to optimise small to large spans of glazing

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