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Tufacade Curtain Walling

Tufacade is Unique Window Systems very own curtain walling system that has the ability to transform a building’s façade into a stunning and unique piece of architecture.

Tufacade gives you the flexibility to create high-performing and functional low rise façades that are visually impressive, both internally and externally. The system is thermally broken and can incorporate fixed lights, opening vents and a full range of doors.

Low-rise curtain walling can be faceted, curved or angled and provide large expanses of uninterrupted glazing that has the ability to create simple yet dramatic building envelopes.

Design Features

  • 50mm capped curtain walling system
  • Glass loads of up to 400kg
  • Can be faceted, curved or angled
  • Wide range of face caps
  • Fully integrated vent options including POV, TBT, top hung, side hung, fixed light
  • Large range of box sizes to optimise small to large spans of glazing
  • Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) certified
  • Glazing and infill range from 6mm-50mm
  • Fully integrates with all window and doors
  • Available in single or dual colour options, polyester powder coating and anodised finishes